LISTEN AND PLAY With teddy bears!

Activity 1 Sam the Teddy Bear

Activity 2 What’s your name?

Activity 3 Hello! Hello!

Activity 4  Say Hello! Say Goodbye! 

Activity 5 The First Letter

Activity 6 New Words

Activity 7 How Sounds Make Words

Activity 8 Remember

Activity 9 Name new words

Activity 10 Match the words

Activity 11 Try to guess…

Activity 12 What colour is this?

Activity 13 What colour is this apple?

Activity 14 Sam´s Kite

Activity 15 Sam´s Family

Activity 16 Who´s Mel

Activity 22 Tasting Fruits

Activity 23 Numbers, Colours, Pictures

Activity 24 I have…

Activity 25 Memory Game

Activity 26 Easter is coming soon!